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The Shield Rules - 2019/2020 Season

1. The Competition shall be called The Shield consisting of a number of leagues dependent on the number of teams participating, each playing for its relevant Winners trophy.

2. Entry to the Competition is by invitation (although prospective teams can apply to the Committee to join) and the aim is to develop competitive rugby at 2nd XV (and lower) level to improve the standard and consistency of the fixture lists of those clubs taking part.

3. The list of member clubs for the current (or coming season) will be available to view on the website (see Members)

4. Matches will be played Home and Away on a semi-structured season basis. Normally games will feature 1 Home and 1 Away game but this may be expanded in circumstances where the number of teams in a particular league is below 8, when extra games may be added.

5. Match days are set out as Saturdays but may be played on other days by mutual agreement.

6. Notwithstanding the allocated match dates , re-arrangement by mutual consent is permitted provided all fixtures are completed by a published date. If agreement cannot be reached between the 2 clubs the the fixture SHOULD take place on the next available (unallocated) Saturday. Teams should ensure that reasonable notice is given if fixtures are to be re-arranged in order that the opposition has ample time to consider the re-arrangement (reasonable being at least 7 days). If matches are re-arranged, or postponed for any reason, please ensure that Steve Appleby is informed so that the fixture list and web-site can be updated accordingly.

7. The competition will be run with 4 points awarded for a Win, 2 for a Draw and 1 for a Loss (where the match is played); 0 points will be allocated to a team conceding a fixture. For concessions the score will be recorded as a 20 - 0 win.

8. Bonus points will be awarded as follows: 1 point extra for scoring 4 tries or more, 1 point extra for losing by 7 points or less.

9. The winners of each Division will be the team scoring the highest number of points as awarded according to Rule 7 & 8 above. If 2 or more teams are level their point difference (points for minus points against) will be used, if still level then the team scoring the most points will be declared the winner. A trophy will be awarded to the winning team of each Division. Kit will be supplied by the current Shield sponsor to the winners and runners-up of each Division.

10. The normal league regulations applying to the constitution of the Front Row  WILL NOT APPLY, Where one side is unable to field a qualified front row the match will be played with uncontested scrums. This is an attempt to get a game played wherever possible for the benefit of all players concerned. However it is expected that clubs will approach this rule in the spirit that it is written and meant !! Teams expecting to be uncontested must also give prior notice to the opposition well in advance. In line with RFU policy a team who starts, or who goes to uncontested scrums during a match, will need to remove an outfield player for the duration of uncontested scrums.

11. There is a maximum of 5 substitutes allowed. If teams wish to have rolling substitutions this is allowed but should be agreed prior to the match starting (preferably at the time of confirming the match). If agreement cannot be reached then rolling substitutions will not be allowed.

12. Results MUST be communicated by the HOME TEAM (although also helpful if the Away team confirms) to Steve Applebyby midday on the Sunday following the match at the latest - this will enable the website to be updated.

13. Teams should endeavour to fulfil the fixture as arranged. If the match has to be cancelled please ensure that adequate notice ( 48 hours or more) is given in order that referees and catering can be notified.

14. Any disputes/enquiries should be referred to the organising committee identified in CONTACT US

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